Clotilde Ruegg-Reffieux

Clotilde Ruegg-Reffieux

Yes, it’s EPIC isn’t it! (current favourable word at the moment), Clotilde will once again join us for another convention, but this time on land 😊.  For those of you who missed out on seeing Clotilde when she was here in 2017 at the Western Australian Cruise Convention, then now is your chance to work with her and see her amazing work at the Cronulla Exhibition in 2024.

Your Australasian Team are so excited to have Clotilde with us, her expertise and knowledge of Porcelain Art is extensive.  As you read her CV, she has travelled the world sharing her gift and has written many books on the subject.  Take time to peruse the beautiful works on the website – we are sure you will want to come and join the school and workshops that will be available.

About Clotilde Ruegg-Ruffieux

Clotilde Ruegg-Ruffieux has had the great fortune of growing up in artistic surroundings. After completion of her Masters in Literature from the University of Fribourg, she was able to devote herself to her two passions: Antiquity, by teaching Latin and Ancient History in the mornings, and porcelain painting, by giving painting lessons in the afternoons.

Starting in 1982, she introduced the then little-known Scandinavian techniques in Switzerland and has been teaching them to the present day. Clotilde has given countless seminars and has participated in numerous exhibits in Switzerland and abroad, even as far away as New Zealand.

Clotilde opened her art gallery near Fribourg in 1996. Many students from both near and far come regularly to share her passion.

Later, in 2000, she created her own publishing company, called Editions du Kaolin, and started the publication of a series of art books dedicated to porcelain painting, in conjunction with her colleague Tatiana Dallest from Geneva.

As of 2023, she has published eight volumes of the series PORCELAIN, and the latest one SYMPHONY, together with Felipe Pereira.

From 2010, she has worked exclusively as a porcelain painter and has won a great number of international awards.

In 2017, she was guest artist with Peter Faust on a Porcelain Painting themed cruise out of Fremantle.

Over the years, she has created new motifs and new techniques. The desire to surprise the public at each new exhibition drives her forward. She takes on the game: a new colour, a stylization, a play of shadows and lights.

About ten years ago, her desire to paint in larger formats led her to discover painting on canvas with acrylic or oil colours, relief effects and mixtures of porcelain and canvas. Her current approach is the mix-media: to experience the refinement of porcelain and art brut.

Click on the button below to view her website with all of her exhibits and awards:

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