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2024 Programme now available

It gives us great pleasure to invite you to participate in the “FiredUp” Exhibition & Convention. This Exhibition has focused on the promotion of Porcelain Art in Australia and Internationally – to share creative and inspiring experiences through the many ‘hands on’ Mini-workshops, lectures and schools on offer. Friendships gained through these exhibitions are precious, […]

SA Hand Painted Porcelain Exhibition – Gallery One

EXHIBITION OF HAND-PAINTED PORCELAIN ART Gallery One 1 Torrens Road, Mitcham, SA Opening hours Tuesday to Friday 10am to 4pm First Saturday of each month  1pm  to 5pm   Exhibition of hand-painted porcelain open from 30 January to 23 February 2024. You are welcome to visit and enjoy the art which is available for purchase. Gallery […]

Mini Workshop – Heron Feathers + Sunset Sips

Artworks by Dee Credaro About Dee Credaro I live in the centre of the universe, Wildwood Road, Carbunup River, Western Australia. I have always lived on a farm not far from the ocean, and in constant contact with animals, birds, bush and beach. Although growing up with an artistic mother, I did not really begin […]

Mini Workshop – Black on White / White on Black

Artworks by Anne Blake About Anne Blake My interest in art has existed for as long as I can recall but my introduction to porcelain painting came in the early 1990s. I have been an enthusiastic china painter since then. The opportunity to both live and travel in remote outback regions of northern Australia has […]

Mini Workshop – Lioness

Artworks by Faye Suffolk About Faye Suffolk Faye excels in Animal and Portrait painting, and especially finds working withpigmented skin tones her favourite challenge. Sometimes in colour andsometimes in Black and White. She has won numerous awards at The RoyalEaster Show and also in local Agricultural Shows. Faye has been painting forapproximately 45 years and […]

Mini Workshop – Leaves, Leaves, Leaves + Sunset Sips

Artworks by Sandra Brown About Sandra Brown Specialising in porcelain and glass mediums since 1980, Sandra has completed the Master of Design (Honours) at the University of New South Wales, College of Fine Arts, where she was researching aspects of object signification within the domestic environment. In 2000 she completed a Bachelor of Applied Arts […]

Mini Workshop – Hummingbirds

Artworks by Clotilde Ruegg-Ruffieux About Clotilde Ruegg-Ruffieux Clotilde Ruegg-Ruffieux has had the great fortune of growing up in artistic surroundings. After completion of her Masters in Literature from the University of Fribourg, she was able to devote herself to her two passions: Antiquity, by teaching Latin and Ancient History in the mornings, and porcelain painting, […]