Mini Workshop – Design and Colour with Wildflowers

Barbara Cronin

This workshop is about design and colour incorporating Australian Flora – and a second firing will need to be done by students at home.

Each student will choose from three designs – Kangaroo Paw, Sturts Desert Pea or a medley of wildflowers. A requirements list and outline of the workshop will be supplied directly by Barbara as you book in, and some simple preparation will need to be done before you arrive at the Convention.

Artworks by Barbara Cronin

About Barbara Cronin

Originally from South Australia and a farming background, Barbara moved to Esperance, Western Australia with her parents and siblings in 1963.

For the last fifty years Barbara and husband Harold have been farming at Ravensthorpe WA. The farm was adjacent to the Fitzgerald River National Park, a place of beautiful flora and fauna, great material for inspiration to paint on porcelain.

Barbara was introduced to porcelain painting in 1992, she joined APAT in 2004 and is also a member of the Western Australian Guild of China Painters. She has travelled overseas to attend workshops (one is never too old to learn she said) and exhibit her work. Highlights were in 2002 where she exhibited her work at the SPK-APP Exhibition, Bern, Switzerland, again in 2012 for the TIPA Exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand.

Barbara finds that travelling and meeting up with other artists is enjoyable and inspirational, resulting in lifetime friendships which she values immensely. She has been teaching porcelain and glass painting in W.A. and in the Eastern States and Singapore. Barbara is often asked to demonstrate various subjects at art conventions and exhibitions.

From 1998 to 2007 Barbara entered the Perth Royal Show and won the top awards for many pieces on various subjects and design. The start of 2014 saw Barbara and Harold move to Napier, near Albany WA. A small freshwater lake nearby with a myriad of bird and animal life abound, enables her to pursue her love of painting them on porcelain.

Barbara uses the many paints, lustres and textures to experiment with and enhance her paintings. Recently Barbara and Harold moved to Bayonet Head, WA.

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