Mini Workshop – One Fire Blue Rose and Marble Pattern

Eriko Watanabe - Blue Rose Porcelain Workshop - Australian Porcelain Art Teachers Convention and Exhibition October 2024

Eriko Watanabe

In this workshop, you will learn how to draw the Blue Rose which is a signature design of Okura, a renowned porcelain maker by appointment to the Japanese Imperial Household. This technique is suitable for in-glaze colours as it can be finished in one firing. During the workshop, you can also learn how to paint a marble pattern if you choose to.

You will enjoy learning some of the more unusual ways to paint in this workshop.

Artworks by Eriko Watanabe

About Eriko Watanabe

Since I first starting working with painted porcelain, 20 years has passed. I never expected that the hobby that I first took up in a light-hearted way would continue to be an important part of my life for so long.

With all of the various courses that I took, I studiously and earnestly applied myself to learn as much as I could. During this time, I met some wonderfully skilled teachers, and painters from famous European kilns. Seven years after I began studying, I was given the opportunity to lecture in my own right, and my life as an instructor has continued to this day.

There are a great variety of hobbies in the world, and porcelain painting is one which can look daunting for the beginner. However, once people begin learning about this art form, they often find that they want to dive deeper into the rich world of porcelain painting. I am one of those people who found themselves attracted to this world.

Unlike a professional painter, who must paint the same way hundreds and hundreds of times, each time I face a pure white piece of porcelain with my paintbrush in my hand, I always feel this fascination afresh. It is always a genuine joy to hold in my hands a piece of painted porcelain still warm from the kiln.

I now feel both the pleasure of the artist and the worthiness of the instructor.

Because I had a tough time mastering the necessary technical skills, I want to show my students a more direct route to enjoying porcelain painting. Also, although porcelain painting is still not widely recognised, it is my sincere wish to introduce and share an enjoyment of this art form to as many people as possible.

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