Mini Workshop – Lioness

Faye Suffolk - Lioness - Porcelain Workshop - Australian Porcelain Art Teachers Convention and Exhibition October 2024

Faye Suffolk

Faye has a love of working in monochrome, either animal or portrait. She has won many awards with her artworks which is testament to her skills in this type of painting.

Tonal value and the wizardry of making hair look ‘real’ is the basis on these monochrome paintings. Faye will show you the easy ways to achieve these techniques in order to give your subject a lifelike form. Nelsons Black & Windsor White are used – with all shades of greys mixed on the brush. The Lioness is an original photo from Mogo Zoo.

Artworks by Faye Suffolk

About Faye Suffolk

Faye excels in Animal and Portrait painting, and especially finds working with
pigmented skin tones her favourite challenge. Sometimes in colour and
sometimes in Black and White. She has won numerous awards at The Royal
Easter Show and also in local Agricultural Shows. Faye has been painting for
approximately 45 years and has taught for most of those. Valuable times were
spent with Di Teasedale in Wollongong learning many techniques and subjects
of Porcelain Art. She currently teaches in Nowra, on the NSW coast.

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