Grace Hye Won Lee - Colourful Shadows - Porcelain Workshop - Australian Porcelain Art Teachers Exhibition and Convention October 2024

Mini Workshop – Colourful Shadows

Grace – Hye Won Lee

Achieve a high degree of refinement and completion from simple painting, irrespective of your artistic abilities. Taking her inspiration from the cast shadows in a field of flowers, learn from Grace how infusing colours will help you breathe life into the shadows of your flower designs.

Each student will learn how to give their work an ethereal vibe – ‘a delicate and light beauty’ using the basics of American style painting.

Students may choose between Hydrangea or Azalea for this workshop.

Artworks by Grace – Hye Won Lee

About Grace – Hye Won Lee

Hello, I am Grace

I am the owner of GRACELAIN. ​​

I have a background of majoring in ceramics at university, with many experiences of teaching. and is familiar with watercolor, pencil drawing, and designing.

When I immigrated to Australia, I was drawn to the arts of porcelain painting and started learning it whilst searching for my own unique style of porcelain art.

Right now, in Sydney, I am using Online and Offline resources to teach adults and children. I do my utmost best to provide a peaceful and comfortable environment, with the intentions of allowing all students to see the grand possibilities and masterpieces that porcelain art can produce.

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