Mini Workshop – Leaves, Leaves, Leaves + Sunset Sips

Sandra Brown


As artists we often tend to focus on floral subjects. However, interesting leaves are everywhere around us – beneath our feet, dried and textural; or above on branches, bright fluttering greens and golds. Leaves transfer beautifully into designs incorporating lustre effects and textural pastes. Painters of all standards will enjoy this workshop. We will round off the workshop with wine and cheese.

Artworks by Sandra Brown

About Sandra Brown

Specialising in porcelain and glass mediums since 1980, Sandra has completed the Master of Design (Honours) at the University of New South Wales, College of Fine Arts, where she was researching aspects of object signification within the domestic environment. In 2000 she completed a Bachelor of Applied Arts with First Class Honours from UNSW, COFA. Several important influences resulting from these studies have become central to her studio work today.

These influences have manifested not only within the body of work, but also within the philosophical approach she has taken to achieve the results. Through her studio practice Sandra instills into her objects the same level of craftsmanship that can be seen in decorative art pieces of the past. Using many of the same materials, but designing and working with them in a contemporary context, she strives to produce objects that impart to the viewer the inspirations that have come to her from her investigations.

Sandra’s work has been featured in national and international publications such as Craft Arts International, Ceramic Art and Perception, Object Magazine, Pottery in Australia and The Australian Porcelain Art Decorator. Her three books, Textures and Techniques for Porcelain and Ceramics (1991), Creative Effects for Porcelain and Ceramics (1994) and Decorative Options for Porcelain, Ceramics and Pottery (1997) are seminal references for those wishing to work with over-glaze textures and design.

In 1988 the Powerhouse Museum obtained a piece of Sandra’s work for their collection. The chosen piece, Abstract Waratah Vase, was selected from over 100 entries in a competition “Porcelain for the Powerhouse” held on 17th August, 1988, by Christopher Thompson who was the Curator of Ceramics and Glass at that time. He commented about the chosen piece.

“The winning entry in the competition was selected on a number of criteria. It stood out from the other entries by its disciplined use of floral decoration, both in terms of design and colour values. Additionally it demonstrated a well-thought-out relationship between the design and the form of the blank. Also satisfying the fact that it was painted on a blank of Australian origin which showed a more satisfying appearance… Not least, it was a most appropriate design for a museum which, 1915, published R T Baker’s splendid work Australian flora in the applied arts; the waratah.”

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