Sandra Bernaitis

Sandra Bernaitis

Most Australian and New Zealand Painters have either worked with or seen Sandra’s amazing work.  She is the queen of Air Brushing and creates the most beautiful and intricate work imaginable. 

We are so delighted that Sandra has accepted our invitation of Guest Artist for the Cronulla Exhibition in 2024.

Again, you will be torn between schools, workshops and demonstrations – as there will be so much on offer to whet your appetite.  A great array of subjects and styles to further educate your knowledge of this beautiful art form will be at your disposal.

About Sandra Bernaitis

I am a porcelain artist who now lives and works on the Gold Coast, Australia and am a member of the Australasian Porcelain Art Teachers Queensland. My passion for porcelain art began in Adelaide, South Australia where I learned the basics of this fascinating art from a variety of teachers, becoming a teacher myself in 1999.

The challenge of trying different techniques combined with my love of pen work and airbrushing has provided opportunities to create interesting designs. As an artist I do not limit myself to classic porcelain painting but rather blend a combination of techniques into modern subjects.  Creativity is an individual process and I always encourage originality once a technique is developed.

My style has led to being invited to teach seminars around Australia and New Zealand and I have also exhibited extensively in these countries.  In 2017, I exhibited at the 25th Anniversary Porcelain Show in Switzerland.

Through my travels I have been able to tour Royal Doulton in England, Meissen in Germany, Royal Copenhagen in Denmark, Jeissa in Lithuania and Ming in Singapore. In Venice and Murano, I toured several glass manufacturers and decorators gathering ideas on using glass and porcelain together while concentrating on the concept of using porcelain paint to achieve results. 

All these experiences have highlighted the various styles and methods used by artists in other countries to develop and create different art forms.  This provides inspiration which is important as porcelain art is still evolving in style and is only limited to the artist’s imagination. 

Today in our interconnected technological world, I love that porcelain art is showcased internationally, blending traditional and modern techniques.  The continued development of this creative form of art will hopefully ensure it can endure years into the future.

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